ADHD expert Dr. Caroline Stevenson joins neuroCare

Renowned Clinical Psychologist, Dr Caroline Stevenson, joins the company behind a new paradigm in mental healthcare.

neuroCare Group (Australia) is proud to welcome Dr. Caroline Stevenson, a well-regarded Clinical Psychologist specialised in the diagnosis and therapy for children, adolescents and adults with ADHD. Dr. Stevenson’s practice in Frenchs Forest (Northern Beaches, NSW) will incorporate neuroCare’s safe, sustainable and evidence-based neuromodulation therapies for a range of applications in mental health.

General Manager of Australia, Florian Pietzsch, is happy to welcome aboard Caroline and her team:

“We are very pleased to have Dr. Stevenson and her team join neuroCare. As a company, we are all about finding the right people to help us deliver quality and world-class care in mental health. Dr. Stevenson is a well-recognised practitioner and lecturer who will strengthen our expertise in treating ADHD patients and provide options with integrating our evidence-based neuromodulation approaches”

Dr. Stevenson is pleased to expand the range of services in her practice.

“neuroCare is an innovative company at the forefront of mental health care, and to integrate these services in our practice means we can offer innovative and state-of-the-art care for the people coming to us with ADHD or Depression,” she says.

In addition to the ADHD services currently offered at Dr. Caroline Stevenson & Associates’ Psychology Practice, patients will have access to evidence-based neuromodulation therapies, such as Neurofeedback for the sustainable treatment of ADHD with progress supported by Actigraphy sleep assessments. The Frenchs Forest clinic will also offer assessments of Depression, OCD and sleep problems.

About Dr. Stevenson

​Caroline Stevenson graduated from the University of Sydney in 1999 with a Masters degree and a PhD in Clinical Psychology.  For her PhD she developed and evaluated the first behavioural treatment program for adult AD/HD. This research has been recognised by the NHMRC, and by international scientists and clinicians, as a milestone in the management of this condition.

Caroline decided that there needed to be a specialist service to help people with AD/HD achieve their maximum potential.  With this in mind, she set up a practice focusing on this condition and its associated problems, bringing to bear her clinical, scientific and research skills to offer a service of unrivalled expertise.
Caroline has had an on-going commitment to teaching and research and has been extensively involved with peak community organisations supporting people with AD/HD. Caroline currently serves on the Board of ADHD Australia (National Advocacy Group) and is also a member of the ADHD Professional Network.

About the Frenchs Forest clinic

neuroCare’s new Psychology Practice in Frenchs Forest is conveniently located next to the site of the Northern Beaches Hospital Project at 49 Frenchs Forest Road East.  As part of an emerging hub of healthcare, the Frenchs Forest practice positions neuroCare to deliver its brand of innovative and cutting-edge mental healthcare to families in the Northern Beaches area, north of Sydney’s CBD.

The Psychology Practice, run by Dr. Caroline Stevenson, will continue to offer specialised psychology services to people with AD/HD. Dr. Stevenson’s practice is already highly regarded for skills in the assessment and treatment of AD/HD for the individual and their families, and will now have the facilities to offer a broader range of innovative treatments for AD/HD, such as Neurofeedback. Caroline offers the evidence-based ADHD Management Program for adults which is one of the first Cognitive Remediation Programs recognised in treatment guidelines as best-practice in Australia and overseas.

neuroCare is also please to collaborate with Dr. Stevenson to deliver her highly sought-after “Parenting Children with AD/HD” program which will be frequently held in Frenchs Forest as well as neuroCare’s CBD practice for families in the city.


About neuroCare

The neuroCare Group operates psychology/psychiatry practices in Australia and throughout the world. Practitioners working with neuroCare are trained in evidence-based neuromodulation techniques for a range of mental health diagnoses, such as Major Depressive Disorder, OCD and ADHD. The protocols adopted by neuroCare area based on more than 15 years of clinical experience and robust research conducted by Dr. Martijn Arns in The Netherlands.  Following operating procedures set out by Dr. Arns’ and his research team, up to three in four clients diagnosed with ADHD who undergo neuroCare’s protocols of Neurofeedback therapy, (i.e. integrated with sleep management and psychotherapy), see lasting improvements in any adverse symptoms (Arns et al. 2012). 

What is neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback is a type of computer assisted therapy which measures brain activity via electrodes placed on the scalp, with activity then visualised on a monitor.  This allows a person to learn how to control brain activity in response to the computerised feedback. Over a gradual learning process, the brain is rewarded for changing its activity to more appropriate patterns. The therapy is commonly applied by psychologists in the treatment of ADHD and sleep disorders.

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What is personalised rTMS?

rTMS stands for repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation and is effectively applied in the treatment of Depression and OCD when combined with psychotherapy. It is a non-invasive treatment where a pulsating magnetic field is positioned on the frontal region of the head to externally target specific areas of the brain. This improves the communication between regions of the brain involved in depression and long-term positive effects are achieved with the support of the therapist.

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