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cognitive performance

Cognitive training is frequently used along treatments of psychiatric and neurological disorders aimed at increasing cognitive performance and strengthening the client's activation and motivation.

MyBrainTraining® - the new, online based cognitive training

  • 30 effective exercises (proven)
  • browser-/App-based – accessible anywhere
  • therapist can supervise online and adjust training at any time
  • improves cognitive performance


Integrate MyBrainTraining® into (multimodal) therapy

  • cognitive training as a central therapeutic element improves cognitive performance
  • as an addition to regular therapy it can be used to "activate" the client
  • accompanying therapy: use the available therapy time purposefully, regardless of where you are - in a hospital/practice, at home or on the go
  • continuous element in transitioning clients from inpatient to outpatient, i.e. "homework" via teletherapy, so that they can continue training between appointments
  • simultaneously to ongoing therapies, e.g. in combination with transcranial direct current (stimulation) - tDCS.
    tDCS can have a positive effect on the training (see brochure Application of tDCS).

University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf uses MyBrainTraining

Prof. Dr. Steffen Moritz, UKE Hamburg-Eppendorf (Germany):

"We use MyBrainTraining at our clinic. It is well suited for us because it trains a large number of relevant (areas) and the exercises’ effectiveness have been proven extensively. This new cognitive training, with its modern, attractive design and playful elements, enables cognitive training that users adapt to very well. Ultimately, we were convinced by MyBrainTraining’s versatility - it can be used by patients not only in the clinic but also online at home."

Further references

You will find a selection of practices and clinics that already use MyBrainTraining, experience reports and recommendations here »

Training of the different cognitive areas, such as:

Speed of information processing
  • measuring the time taken to connect information (e.g. numbers) in a certain order
  • calculating
Attention / Vigilance
  • measuring errors in identifying target stimuli and ignoring disturbing stimuli (inhibition) over a longer period of time (vigilance)
Verbal and visual learning and memory
  • perceiving, memorizing and recalling verbal and non-verbal stimuli that are collected immediately after learning and with a time delay
Working Memory
  • measuring the immediate recognition and ordering of letters and numbers based on learned criteria
  • calculating
  • manipulating numbers
Thinking and problem solving
  • simple problem solving tasks
  • logic puzzles

Easy to use and handle

What makes MyBrainTraining® special:


Scientifically proven to be effective:
All 30 exercises have been tested by Professor Kawashima as part of the development of the successful "Brain Training with Dr. Kawashima" program in cooperation with the Industry University Research Project. The blood’s oxygen saturation was measured via NIR (Nearfield InfraRed) diodes, showing which areas of the brain are activated by the respective exercise.
Learn more about the science behind MyBrainTraining® »

MyBrainTraining® can be used directly in the browser or via the app. The therapist accesses the administration area via PC browser; the client can also exercise on mobile devices (Android and iOS) via app. 

Allways in contact with the client:
The therapist can view the client's training data and change settings via the administration area (backend). Comprehensive statistics allow the therapist to check in on the client’s progress or adjust if necessary.

Modern interface, adaptive costumisation:
MyBrainTrainig® is up-to-date and comparable with the scope of use of COGPACK Trademark. Additionally, the level of difficulty of the exercises adapts dynamically to the level of training.

Training is available in 8 languages: German, English, Italian, French, Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, Russian.

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