rTMS course for Professionals: rTMS in Depression and new developments
2-Day Course in Sydney, December 19 - 20, 2017

This workshop is intended for psychiatrists, psychologists, nursing staff and related healthcare professionals or researchers, interested in using the technique of repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) as a therapy for Depression. An overview of the use of rTMS in other disorders, the use of EEG and QEEG for safety aspects, as well as the prediction of treatment outcomes and markers for responders or non-responders to the therapy. During the two day workshop there will be ample time devoted to hands-on trainin with TMS equipment, specifically MagStim Rapid and MagVenture R2 systems.

It is expected that participants will have the necessary foundations to apply rTMS in their own clinical or research setting.

Presented by: Dr. Martijn Arns, Dr. Trevor Brown and Dr. Mark Ryan

The 2-day course will have a focus on:

  • The use and theoretical background of rTMS in clinical practice
  • Working mechanism of TMS and safety aspects
  • The use of rTMS in the treatment of depression
  • An overview of the use of rTMS in other disorders
  • The use of EEG and QEEG along with rTMS for safety aspects, the prediction of treatment outcomes and markers for responders/non-responders.
  • Other neuromodulation techniques such as tDCS and tACS/tRNS.

In addition to the theoretical part, there will be time dedicated to hands-on practice for various protocols and applications on different TMS machines. There will be room for discussion and the newest findings from our own experience in clinical practice will be shared. This course is most suitable for clinicians, psychiatrists and psychologists who have basic knowledge of neuroscience and consider using rTMS treatment in their own practices. Also researchers wanting to use rTMS in their studies are welcome.

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neuroCademy's 2-day rTMS course includes hands-on practice with TMS devices.


Dr. Martijn Arns
Dr. Arns is a leading expert on neurofeedback and personalised medicine in ADHD and Depression. Over the last decade, he has pioneered the application of QEEG-informed neurofeedback and rTMS for these conditions and is the most published researcher in this area. Courses held by Dr. Arns are highly sought-after, with participants travelling from all over the world to attend his workshops, usually held in Nijmegen. Dr. Arns visits Australia in August 2017.

Selected first-author publications
Arns, M., et al. (2012) Neurophysiological predictors of non-response to rTMS in Depression. Brain stimulation5(4) Download here >
Arns, M., et al. (2016) EEG Alphas asymmetry as a gender-specific predictor of outcome to acute treatment with different antidepressant medications in the randomized iSpot-D study. Clinical neurophysiology, 127(1) Download here>
Arns, M., et al. (2009) Efficacy of neurofeedback treatment in ADHD: The effects on inattention, impulsivity and hyperactivity: A meta-analysis. Clinical EEG and Neuroscience 40(3) Download here >
Arns, M. et al. (2012) The effects of QEEG-informed Neurofeedback in ADHDL An open-label pilot study. Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback, 37(3) Download here >

Dr. Trevor Brown
Currently a Senior Neuroscientist with the neuroCare Group, based in Melbourne, Trevor performs QEEG and ERP analysis and co-manages neuromodulation services, including Neurofeedback, tDCS, auditory Training and repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS).

Dr. Mark Ryan
Dr. Mark Ryan is a Psychiatrist with a strong interest in understanding the mind-brain-body nexus and new approaches in therapies that can improve and sustain mental health and well-being. Mark works with neuroCare's research team to deliver evidence-based methods of integrating brain-based technologies with interpersonal therapies, and is trained to administer repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), Neurofeedback, Slow Cortical Potentials (SCP) Training and transcranial Direct Current Stimulatoin (tDCS).

Reading Material

Reading materials are provided on the first day and are included in the course costs. For further background reading material also see our recent review on rTMS in depression. A full list of relevant scientific publications can be found here.


neuroCare Group
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Full fee: 1760 AUD  (incl. GST)
(Discounted student rate of 1460 AUD)

*Includes reading materials, daily lunch and refreshments


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