SCP Neurofeedback: Applications and new developments
2-Day Course with Dr. Ute Strehl in Sydney
November 11 - 12, 2017

This workshop is for academics, clinicians and researchers who are interested in Slow-Cortical-Potential Neurofeedback (SCP). The course will cover the neurophysiological foundations, learning theory, technical requirements and the application of neurofeedback in therapy. Evidence-based applications will be presented and discussed. A further aim of this workshop is to provide hands-on training with neurofeedback equipment, demonstrating correct application of electrodes as well as how to interpret signals.

For further reading material see our review article on SCP-Neurofeedback. A full list of relevant scientific publications can be found here.

Reading Material

Reading materials are provided on the first day and are included in the course costs. To get a head start, sign up to neuroLink to gain access to a full list of online reading material on Neurofeedback and the SCP protocol.


neuroCare Group H/O
Level 19
56 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000


Full fee: 1760 AUD  (incl. GST)
(Discounted student rate of 1460 AUD)

*Includes reading materials, daily lunch and refreshments


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neuroCademy's 2-day SCP Neurofeedback workshop includes hands-on training with the THERAPRAX® MOBILE device. Participants will learn how to control for eye- and muscle-movement artefacts online.

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