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NEURO PRAX® MR - fMRI compatible full-band DC-EEG bio- and neurofeedback system

The NEURO PRAX® MR is a full-band DC-EEG system, which is primarily intended for use in neuroscientific applications. The system measures physiological signals such as EEG, EMG and EP in the frequency range of 0 to 1,200 Hz simultaneously and synchronously for all channels. The unique amplifier technology captures EEG activities from infraslow (0 – 0.3 Hz) to ultrafast (80 – 1,200 Hz) frequencies.

The high amplifier dynamics and the integrated real-time correction of gradient artifacts and pulse artifacts make the NEURO PRAX® MR system particularly suitable for measurement during magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI).

We can supply our high-performance full-band DC amplifiers with 8, 32 or 64 channels. The neuroConn software, specially tailored to the hardware, is intuitive, flexible and easy to use. There are a large number of software and hardware modules available, such as online correction of artifacts caused by muscle and eye movements, topographical analyses, spectral and amplitude mapping as well as online averaging.

Watch this video to learn how NEURO PRAX® MR corrects imaging artifacts during MRI-EEG.

Watch this video to learn how NEURO PRAX® MR corrects pulse artifacts during MRI-EEG.

CE-certified as bio- and neurofeedback system

The NEURO PRAX® MR  is a CE-certified bio- and neurofeedback system. It's focus is on the training of slow cortical potentials (SCP) and frequency training. Biofeedback is a treatment method, based on operant conditioning. In this method, the patients receive feedback about their physiological states and changes of these states, which mostly cannot be perceived by the patient.

Neurofeedback is a kind of biofeedback and therefore a method in instrument-based behavioral therapy. It allows the patients to perceive and self-regulate their brain activity. The NEURO PRAX® can be used for neurofeedback in children from 6 years of age, adolescents and adults with impaired self-regulating ability of the brain. The impairment may be manifested at neurological and/or behavioral levels such as ADHD or other diseases.

NEURO PRAX® MR options and system extensions

The NEURO PRAX® MR incorporates all the elements of a conventional EEG-/EP device and can be extended to become a complete system:

  • for biofeedback and for neurofeedback of the slow cortical potentials (SCPs) and frequencies with online correction of artifacts
  • for measurements during simultaneous transcranial electrial stimulation with direct current (tDCS), alternating current (tACS) and random noise current (tRNS) - read more in the section NEURO PRAX® TMS/tES
  • for measurements during simultaneous transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) NEURO PRAX® TMS/tES
  • for measurements of cognitive evoked potentials (not inside MRI scanner)
  • for long-term monitoring

Areas of application for the NEURO PRAX® MR:

  • DC-EEG neurofeedback in the treatment of ADHD and epilepsy
  • Recording and analysis of cortical and sub-cortical EEG activity
  • Investigation of functional connectivity between areas of the brain
  • fMRI and evoked potentials, fMRI and galvanic skin response, fMRI and facial EMG
  • Quantitative EEG analysis and cognitive evoked potentials during fMRI
  • fMRI and DC-EEG feedback investigations, 3D-EEG feedback

The NEURO PRAX® MR can be extended for use as a bio- and neurofeedback system (training of slow cortical potantials - SCP - and frequencies) and is therefore suitable for the treatment of ADHD and epilepsie within behavioral therapy.

Product information for download

Further details and technical data of the NEURO PRAX® MR can be found in the product brochure:

NEURO PRAX® MR Brochure for Australia
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EU Declaration of Conformity NEURO PRAX®
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