Martijn Arns

Managing Director and Chief Medical Officer


Martijn Arns graduated in the 90's as a biological psychologist at Radboud University in Nijmegen. After several projects in Sydney (Westmead Hospital), Munich (Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry) and Scotland (Organon Research), he began in 2001 with what is now known as Research Institute Brainclinics. Martijn received his PhD at Utrecht University on the topic of "EEG-based personalized medicine for ADHD and depression". He is specialised in applying brain imaging techniques to determine the appropriate treatment for patients with ADHD and depression (also referred to as precision medicine or Research Domain Criteria (RDoC)), and in the application and development of neuromodulation techniques such as neurofeedback and rTMS.

Over the last decade Martijn pioneered the application of neurofeedback in ADHD and insomnia and rTMS in depression and OCD. He is a leading expert on neurofeedback and EEG based personalized medicine in ADHD and depression and published more than 100 scientific articles (H-index=25). His pioneering expertise on neurofeedback and rTMS has formed the basis of the neuroCare clinics.

Martijn is further affiliated with Utrecht University, married with 2 children and every now and then indulges in playing double-bass and acoustic guitar.

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