Martha Mack

Psychologist, Certified Trainer for Auditory Processing Assessment and Auditory Training


Martha Mack is Centre Director at the long-established Listen And Learn Centre, in Melbourne (Australia) and is an experienced Psychologist, specialised in Educational and Developmental Psychology and in neuro-developmental disorders and educational difficulties. Since 2001, Martha has been assisting and treating individuals with a variety of difficulties and disorders including poor attention and concentration, behavioural issues, Auditory processing Deficits, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger's Syndrome, ADD/ADHD, Learning Difficulties and Dyslexia, Communication and Language Delay, Dyspraxia and other developmental disorders and delays.

Martha is the senior psychologist and supervisor for all programs, and she has undertaken training both in Australia and overseas in a variety of evidence-based interventions, including Auditory Training. Martha is an Honorary Fellow at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education (University of Melbourne) and is  an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at Monash University.

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