Marleen Stam

Global neuroCademy Trainer

Marleen graduated from the Vrije University of Amsterdam in 2007 with a Master in Clinical Psychology. Her experience exists of providing training for other mental health care professionals, assessments and psychotherapy for people with psychological, social-emotional and behavioral problems. She collaborated as a joint author in writing a self-help book on rumination: "Stop Worrying, get your life back on track with CBT". 

Currently, Marleen trains other professionals in clinics worldwide, in innovative neuromodulation techniques, such as repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS), (Q)EEG informed neurofeedback, Slow Cortical Potential (SCP) neurofeedback, sleep assessment, and QEEG acquisition and interpretation. 

She is specialized in the treatment of AD(H)D, Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, sleep problems, PTSD, behavioral problems and anxiety disorders in adults and children using neurofeedback therapy, parental guidance, rTMS, sleep assessment, EMDR, and psychotherapy. 
Her passion lays in working with people, children as well as adults. What makes Marleen thrive is making clients and professionals feel at ease naturally, connect with them in an empathic way and to acknowledge their needs to find the optimal treatment or training situation.

Momentarily, she is working with the neuroCare Group as a Global Trainer, training professionals of new (nCG) clinics worldwide. Furthermore, she supports and presents in neuroCademy courses of the neuroCare Group.

Marleen enjoys international travel and hiking. She loves spending time with family, friends and pets. 

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