Markus Hartung

Product Services and neuroCademy lecturer


Markus Hartung received his Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Technischen Universität Ilmenau; during his studies, his research focused on alternative technologies for monitoring bio-signals, such as breathing, pulse rate and body temperature, as well as areas for improvement in the field of EEG monitoring and referencing.

Utilising his extensive expert knowledge in the fields of EEG and bio-signal processing, he has enriched the neuroCare Group team since 2015, working as a Service Engineer for neuroConn-Technology and as an instructor for neuroCademy. His role includes carrying out clinical supervision, as well as giving users hands-on training in using neuroCare products in clinics and practices. Additionally, he holds workshops at the neuroCademy and is a guest speaker for numerous other institutes and educational organisations.

Because of his work in education and technically-focused customer service, Markus is in constant communication with users and people interested in neurofeedback devices, giving him the opportunity to bring the needs and suggestions of the customer into the development process of neuroConn technologies.

Outside of his work life, Markus frequently represents the Ilmenau Chess Club and also takes part in voluntary work.

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