Frequently Asked Questions

Where is neuroCademy located?

neuroCademy training courses primarily operate in two locations, Munich (Germany) and in Nijmegen (Netherlands). Selected courses are run in Sydney and other international locations.  For more information refer to the list of courses on our calendar.

You can find more information, as well as travel and accommodation advice on the following neuroCademy locations

The Netherlands (Nijmegen)
Germany (Munich)
Australia (Sydney)

Which course materials do I need?

You will receive a reader with all slides on the day of the workshop. You can purchase the recommended books through us. These will also be provided at the workshop.

Is it essential that I purchase all the course material through neuroCademy?

The reader with the slides is included in the workshop.  You can order the recommended books by yourself at any time.

Who are the courses accredited by?

neuroCademy courses are accredited by a various number of independent organizations. For more information please see the section on accreditation.

How do I know if the courses are accredited in my country?

If you are unsure whether the courses are accredited in your country, you may wish to refer to the website of the accreditor (for a full list of organizations see here). You can also contact neuroCademy directly.