rTMS for depression, OCD and new developments: 2-day rTMS course

28 January 2020–29 January 2020

The course is for academics and clinicians who want to use the technique of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) combined with psychotherapy (e.g. cognitive behavourial therapy) for the treatment of Depression, OCD and other indications as well as for researchers who want to use rTMS in research-settings. Also more advanced topics such as the use of EEG and QEEG to predict and optimize rTMS treatment, other neuromodulation techniques (tDCS, tACS) and sleep problems and chronobiology will be covered. During this course there is ample time dedicated to hands-on training with different types of rTMS equipment, supervised by one of our experienced rTMS specialists.

The 2-day course will have a focus on: 

  • The use and theoretical background of rTMS in clinical practice 
  • Working mechanism of TMS and safety aspects 
  • The use of rTMS in the treatment of depression 
  • An overview of the use of rTMS in other disorders 
  • The use of EEG and QEEG along with rTMS for safety aspects, the prediction of treatment outcome and markers for responders/non-responders.
  • Other neuromodulation techniques such as tDCS and tACS.

In addition to the theoretical part, there will be time dedicated to hands-on practice for various protocols and applications on different rTMS machines. There will be room for discussion and the newest findings from our own experience in clinical practice will be shared. This course is most suitable for clinicians, psychiatrists and psychologists who have basic knowledge of neuroscience and consider using rTMS treatment in their own practices. Also researchers wanting to use rTMS in their studies are welcome.

National accreditation is applied for at the respective chamber.

Location: neuroCademy Munich, Germany

Language: English

Presenter: Dipl. Psych. Annika Simlacher, Dr. Eliana García Cossio, Dr. Ines Mynttinen

Duration: 09:00 to 17:00

Price: available shortly

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