Innovative mental healthcare

neurocare’s unique Digital Therapy Platform empowers clinicians to deliver best practice and achieve leading clinical outcomes through personalised therapy.   In 2022 we bring our innovative model of personalised digital therapy to the UK with clinics opening in Canary Wharf and Central London.


An integrated approach to mental healthcare

We are here to help people looking for faster and longer-term solutions to make change and recovery in their mental health, without the need for medications, without adverse side effects and with therapies backed by science.


Using your brain's natural ability to change

Our model of care is based on the brain's innate ability to make its own new pathways for lasting positive change.  We call this neuroplasticity and our expert teams are here to help you use it.


Higher response and remission rates

We work with leading doctors and scientists in our global network of clinics. With our personalised and integrated approach, we have proven higher response and remission rates for mental health next to usual methods of care.

Treatment areas

Who we help


There are now fast and effective treatments for depression without the need for medication.


By addressing sleep and brain activity ADHD can be treated more effectively and sustainably.

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

OCD patients who have not responded to medication now have more options for treatment.

Chronic Stress & Burnout

With personalised care, we can empower individuals to improve their outlook and resilience for the future.

Insomnia & Sleep Disorders

There are now medication-free and side-effect free approaches to help naturally improve sleep.

We are accredited

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