DuoMAG XT for TMS in clinical application

ProductsThe DuoMAG XT is a compact bi-phasic stimulator for use in either clinical or research settings. The stimulator is controlled via a large capacitive touch-screen Windows based interface, allowing for ease of use and detailed protocol setup and configuration. A full selection of coils are available depending on the intended application. Intensity and stimulation controls are included on all deymed coils.

  • The Deymed DuoMag system is unique with its lockable coil positioning system, that locks the coil in a fixed position and can be operated easily with one hand by its counterbalanced coil holder.

  • For regular clinical use including slow rTMS (1 Hz) or fast rTMS (e.g. 10 Hz) the XT-35 is the perfect system.

  • For more research applications or the need for advanced stimulation options, such as Theta-burst stimulation, the XT-100 is the best choice.

DuoMAG XT Features

  • System control and configuration via Windows based touch-screen.
  • Controllable from an external device.
  • Custom protocol editor and storage by way of built-in computer.
  • Burst function fully configurable (iTBS, cTBS etc).
  • Supported by a complete range of Circular, Figure 8 and Cooled Coils.
  • Custom protocol editor allowing the user to save any conceivable design, including stimulation trains, Theta Burst Stimulation (iTBS-cTBS) and changing stimulation intensities.
  • FlexiTower cart: innovative counter-weight balanced positioning arm and auto-locking of position making it easier to find and fix the placement of Deymed coils.

Product Specifications DuoMAG XT-35 DuoMAG XT-100
Pulse mode biphasic, repetitive biphasic, repetitive, burst
Dimensions 49 cm x 11 cm x 38 cm 49 cm x 11 cm x 38 cm
Weight without trolly and coil 15 kg 16 kg
Stimulation Intensity 100% 12 Hz 15 Hz
Stimulation Intesity 50% 35 Hz 80 Hz
Maximum repetition rate 35 Hz 100 Hz
Minimum interstimulus interval
in train mode
1ms 1ms
Pulse width 280 µs 280 µs
Coil Compatibility Deymed coils Deymed coils
Mains voltage 100-240 Vac. 50/60 Hz 100-240 Vac. 50/60 Hz
Synchronization TTL in/out and/or USB TTL in/out and/or USB
Communication USB full control, control on coil USB full control, control on coil

A motor threshold (MT) can be found at 47% stimulation intensity for the majority of the population (>90%) on all devices.

Using DuoMAG® XT for scientific purposes

The DuoMAG® XT can be combined with the DuoMAG® MP-Dual to scientifically investigate neuroplasticity (change in intracortical inhibition (ICI/SICI) and intracortical facilitation (ICF). But the combination is also useful in state-of-the-art therapeutic applications.

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