High-power Mono-phasic TMS for Diagnostic and Research use


The DuoMAG MP is a single pulse Mono-phasic stimulator used primarily for diagnostic purposes when combined with EMG systems in MEP or collision studies. The major feature of this stimulator is the high-energy pulse (700 Joules per pulse) which is significantly higher than other stimulators that combine Bi-phasic and Mono-phasic pulses in one system. The high energy pulse is neccessary for stimulating the lower extremities in peripheral neuropathies or other related disorders.


  • Smallest most compact design in class
  • Integrated display for stimulation intensity and simulator status
  • Full control via coils, computer or external TTL
  • Controlable by third-party applications via API (optional)
  • Upgradeable to a paired pulse TMS with second MP stimulator
  • Highest repetitive rate for Mono-phasic high power system
  • Durable and robust design with low-fail rate capacitors

Technical Specification

DuoMAG MP Specification



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