Child and Adolescent Care

NeuroCare Treatment ADHD

For any child or adolescent it is quite normal to experience emotional or behavioural problems. It's part of growing up! It's important, however, that as these developmental changes happen the child or adolescent has good support from education professionals and family. Sometimes children and adolescents experience ongoing emotional or behavioral issues, affecting their performance in school, for example, as well as their general happiness. Sometimes this is just a phase a child or adolescent will grow out of, but if the child or adolescent's development is stagnating it is important to seek consultation from a professional. These concerns may include:

• concentration problems,
• fears,
• socio-emotional problems,
• bullying,
• sleeping problems,
• parent-child relationship problems,
• behavioral issues

A professionally trained therapist can make an independent and professional assessment of the child or adolescent's cognitive development. neuroCare clinics are able to support children from the age of 6 years and can furthermore offer assistance to parents or guardians for the best support of the child or adolescent.

Within our practice the following treatment methods are offered separately or combined according to the issue or complaint:

We also offer support for parents in the education or coaching of their child. Often this is a valuable addition to the treatment.