Brainsway Deep TMS (dTMS)

deep transcraniel magnetic stimulation (dTMS) activates deep brain structures by using direct electromagnetic fields that generate excitation or inhibition of neurons deep inside the brain. The method offers high efficacy and is both non-invasive and well-tolerated for the treatment of major depressive disorder. Compared to rTMS applications, dTMS stimulates deeper and broader brain regions which have been shown to be responsible for depression, bringing significant improvements fo many patients.

Overview of the dTMS treatment:

  • Duration of a session: 20 minutes
  • Full treatment course: 400 to 600 minutes
  • Treatment duration: 4 weeks with 5 treatments each; then 8 subsequent weeks with 2 treatments each
  • Procedure: Non-invasive electromagnetic stimulation of brain regions
  • Hospitalization: None
  • Side effects: Temporary mild pain and discomfort (mostly in the first week).
    There is also a rare risk of seizure.

Advantages of the coil for the dTMS therapy

The dTMS technology features a patented H1-Coil. It applies the same safe and tolerable stimulation levels as figure-8 coils. But due to the special structure it stimulates even deeper and broarder prefrontal brain regions.


The H1-Coil has the following unique features:

  • Coil elements tangential to the head and close to target brain region
  • Flexible base suited to head shape
  • Convergence of numerous electic pulses from various directions
  • Coil elements parallel to target bundles
  • Location of return paths of electrical impulses remote from target area

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