Newsletter - December 2017

Greeting words from neuroCare founder Thomas Mechtersheimer - our achievements in 2017 / new clinics in the Netherlands, USA, Australia / Research Highlights in 2017 / neuroCademy and neuroConn milestones

Newsletter - October 2017

rTMS in the treatment of depression and OCD: Dutch health insurance companies reimburse rTMS treatment
for treatment resistant depression / OCD: Sleep could play a role in outcome of rTMS treatment / neuroCare provides rTMS technology; Accurate and reliable EEG measurement during transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS) - a first step towards closedloop systems is done; tDCS and neuroplasticity: stroke and working memory; Upcoming conferences and workshops

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rTMS para el tratamiento de la depresión y las compulsiones: Los seguros de salud holandeses reembolsan los costes del tratamiento con rTMS en los casos de depresiones resistentes a la terapia / Compulsiones: El sueño podría ser decisivo sobre el éxito del tratamiento con rTMS / La tecnología rTMS en neuroCare; Realización exacta y fiable del EEG durante la estimulación transcraneal con corriente alterna (tACS) – Se ha dado un primer paso.; tDCS y neuroplasticidad: ictus, memoria de trabajo; Próximas conferencias, cursos y talleres de formación

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La rTMS pour le traitement de la dépression et des troubles obsessionnels compulsifs : Les caisses d'assurance maladie néerlandaises remboursent les frais du traitement par rTMS dans les cas de dépression résistante aux traitements / Troubles obsessionnels compulsifs : le sommeil peut déterminer le succès du traitement par rTMS / La technologie de la rTMS chez neuroCare ; Mesure exacte et précise des EEG pendant la stimulation transcrânienne par courant alternatif (tACS) : une première étape est franchie ; Stimulation transcrânienne à courant direct (tDCS) et neuroplasticité : accident vasculaire cérébral, mémoire de travail ; Conférences, ateliers et cours de formation

Science Newsletter - June 2017

Consensus paper on transcranial Electric Stimulation published; Successful installation of neuroConn's DC-STIMULATOR MC at the Department of Psychology at the University of Bern; Technical Improvements of neuroConn’s stimulator devices for tES-EEG (DC-STIMULATOR PLUS and DC-STIMULATOR MC); neuroConn's first demo of closed-loop tACS-EEG; Phase coupling and uncoupling with tACS; upcoming conferences and neuroCademy workshops

Newsletter - April 2017

SCP Neurofeedback now considered more than just "placebo"; tDCS receives Level B recommendation as treatment for Depression; DC-STIMULATOR MOBILE for transcranial stimulation in routine clinical practice; Progress of neuroCare clinics worldwide; New cutting edge technology by neuroCare; Meet Peter Obstoj - Managing Director (Operations) neuroConn.

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Le neurofeedback est bien plus qu'un simple « placebo »; La tDCS (stimulation transcrânienne à courant direct) a obtenu la recommandation de catégorie B pour la prise en charge de la dépression; DC-STIMULATOR MOBILE pour la stimulation transcrânienne à courant direct dans la pratique clinique; Avancées dans les centres de traitement neuroCare; Les dernières technologies appliquées à la tES (électrostimulation transcrânienne); Entretien avec Peter Obstoj - Directeur de la production de neuroConn

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El neurofeedback es algo más que un placebo; La ETCD obtiene una recomendación de tipo B para el tratamiento de la depresión; DC-STIMULATOR MOBILE para la estimulación transcraneal por corriente directa en aplicación clínica; neuroCare – Conferencias y ferias; neuroCademy – Talleres y cursos de formación; Avances en los centros de tratamiento neuroCare; La última versión tecnológica de la ETC; Entrevista con Peter Obstoj – Director de Producción de neuroConn

Newsletter - November 2016

Introducing Dr. Eliana García Cossio and Annika Simlaker; tDCS devices have new intended use in therapy; new electrodes in application of tDCS; Brainsight TMS updates; ActTrust actigraphy watches; NIBS now multimodal; Neuro-Cardiac-Guided TMS; nC-Explorer software update; latest in research for Neurofeedback in ADHD

Newsletter - August 2015

neuroConn now neuroCare Group

tDCS and Effectiveness; Seeing Better with Alternating Current; Depression: tDCS improves processing of negative emotions; Sleep quality improves through Neurofeedback; Neurofeedback improves control over impulsive and aggressive behavior in psychopaths

Newsletter - February 2015

New approval for DC-STIMULATOR in Korea; Safety of ADHD medications for children

tDCS in depression: current state of research; New fields of research on tDCS; German Center for Brain Stimulation in Psychiatry (GCBS); tDCS only with medical supercision and with certified medical devices

SCP training sustainable in the treatment of Epilepsy; Neurofeedback and NIRS for ADHD; Brain research in forensic psychiatry

Newsletter - April 2014

We have moved. More space in a more modern environment; DC-STIMULATOR PLUS: new registrations; International, national and regional research projects with our participation

Overview of research projects with neuroCare participation; tDCS can help patients regain state of consciosness after coma; Shaping memory accuracy by tDCS; Amount of consumed medication decreased slightly

Newsletter - February 2014

neuroConn moved to new premisses

Future of neuromodulatoin: mobile tDCS; Neurofeedback for ADHD: State of research; Brain stimulatoin affects compliance with social norms; tDCS helps to quit smoking; Post-stroke rehabilitation with tDCS

Newsletter - May 2013

Neurofeedback training of SCP in adults; Meta-analysis on the efficacy of non-pharmaceutical interventions for ADHD in the child and adolescent psychiatry; Neurofeedback for the therapy of Parkinson's disease?; Neurofeedback of local brain activity; Neurofeedback in forensic science; Transcranial brain stimulation - German Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatic and Psychotherapy (DGKJP); Neurofeedback in professional sports

Newsletter - September 2012

New Generation of the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS with explanations of the product innovations

tACS-EEG of growing interest in research; Latest research with DC-STIMULATOR presented at CNS 2012

Newsletter - February 2012

Announcement of the new generation of the DC-STIMULATOR PLUS; Targeted transcranial HD-Stimulation; Societal impact of pain - EFIC Congress 2011; tDCS shows promising results in latest psychiatric and neurological research

Neurofeedback for ADHD; THERA PRAX®: preferential device for studies and therapy of ADHD