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About us

With its first practice in Nijmegen (formerly Brainclinics), neuroCare has expanded its operations in the Netherlads wtih its second practice in The Hague, opening in January 2016.  The clinic in The Hague continues the practice standards of its predecessor in Nijmegen, with the team specialized in Neurofeedback treatment for ADHD and insomnia as well as rTMS for the treatment of Depression and OCD. Following the neuroCare approach, treatment methods are only based on a preliminary psychotherapeutic assessment conducted by one of our experienced professionals.

We provide expert and personal help for children and adults with mental health, trauma and sleep problems (chronic insomnia, insomnia), as well as children and adults with concentration or attentional difficulties. Through years of treatment and research experience in the field of depression and ADHD, neuroCare clinics are nationally and internationally rewarded as a specialized and innovative treatment center with groundbreaking treatments such as rTMS.



Treatment in our practice is preceded by a diagnostic assessment (containing intake, QEEG assessment and advisory consultation). If treatment is indicated, the treatment process can start. The counseling during the rTMS or Neurofeedback sessions is performed by NIP psychologists who are under the supervision of a clinical psychologist BIG. We advise you to ask your health insurance company, so you know what applies for you, regarding reimbursements.

Non-contracted care

Health care insurance companies in the Netherlands make a distinction between contracted and non-contracted care. NeuroCare Group doesn’t have contracts with health care insurance companies which means in general that the amount of reimbursement can differ per health care insurance company. We advise you to ask your health care insurance company, so you know what applies to you.

Privacy and client data

Within our practice, our therapists work according to the professional guidelines of the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP). Here responsibility, integrity, respect and expertise are of paramount importance. Client data are obviously kept with great care to ensure that the privacy of our clients is protected. Information will not be shared with other health care providers unless the client has given written permission.

Before the qEEG research takes place, the client will be asked to take note of a consent form and sign it. In this statement the client is asked if his / her qEEG data can be used anonymously in scientific research. If no permission is granted, the examination may take place as normal.

During the initial interview, for example for rTMS treatment or neurofeedback, you will be asked to read and sign a consent form and a 'rate and treatment agreement'. This includes a description what the treatment involves, what exclusions there might be, what the costs are, what you should do if you cannot come to your appointment, and how payment of bills is handled. Without a signed consent form and 'rate and treatment agreement', the client cannot get treatment.

Psychology Practice neuroCare Group is affiliated with the Dutch Institute of Psychologists (NIP), Dutch Association of Educationalists (NVO), the Dutch Society for Neuropsychology (NVN), Biofeedback Certification International Alliance (BCIA), The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR), the Society of Applied Neuroscience (SAN) and the International Pharmaco EEC Society (IPEG).

Overview Rates and Reimbursement Psychology Practice

Below you can find the rates applicable as of January 1st 2016 till 31st of December 2016. Down the page a list of fees can be found by insurers for the different treatments such as neurofeedback, rTMS and psychological counseling.

Intake (applicable to all treatments), duration: about 1,5hrs € 95,-
Sleep measurement € 95,-
Intake, QEEG assessment and advisory consult (required for rTMS treatment and neurofeedback: children <9yrs € 525,-
Intake, QEEG, neuropsychological assessment and advisory consult (required for neurofeedback treatment  >9yrs old), duration: about 3hrs * € 750,-
Psychological consult (cognitive behavioral therapy, sleep advice, EMDR) € 95,-
rTMS consult (cognitive behavioral therapy and rTMS) € 115,-
Neurofeedback consult (cognitive behavorial therapy and Neurofeedback) € 115,-

If you are a Dutch resident, having a Dutch Healthcare insurer and a referal from a Dutch GP, other rates may be applicable. Please contact us in this case.